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A bit smarter

Bringing consumables to life

Connected consumables become living objects that are identified, traced and analyzed in real time. At Bauma 2019, we will launch two digital solutions set to transform the role of consumables in mining and construction.
As part of its “A bit smarter” concept, we are launching digital solutions for smarter use of consumables. The new solutions will improve transparency and simplify planning, increasing availability and productivity for mining and construction companies.

“It is a big step towards bringing consumables to life”.
Fredrik Gabrielsson

Smart Consignement
The first solution, Smart Consignment, automatically monitors stock levels and related transactions. Keeping track of inventory levels and transactions helps us set up self-storage, giving customers full access to their own stock and an insurance that products are always available.

Smart Consignment comes with an app that digitalizes the supply process and creates end-to-end transparency and traceability. The concept is initially designed for tophammer drilling in surface and underground applications.

Unique features:
Real Time information available directly from customer site making information available through desktop solutions and mobile devices.

Customer benefits:
• State of the art inventory management.
• Increased availability.
• Proactive actions.
• Flexible & transparent solution.
• Near autonomous process.
• Prerequisites for Interoperability.
• Mixing proven solution with latest technology.

Product features’ ”Smart Consignment”:
• An innovative solution that provides Real Time understanding of inventory levels, transactions and destinations as an important part of a solid supply chain.

Product Identification
The “A bit smarter” concept also includes Product Identification, which makes it possible to inform the rig which drill bit (or other consumable) is used at any given time. We use existing machine data from the rig to evaluate the performance of a specific product and to present it in a useful way.

Product Identification is initially designed for rotary drilling in surface mining.

Product features’ ”Product Identification”:
Enables the use of machine data for autonomous performance monitoring of your tools which will create a deeper understanding of how the operation performs, allowing for proactive actions and improved planning capabilities.

At Bauma 2019, we will show the first versions of Smart Consignment and Product Identification. Work will continue to refine the services and gradually introduce more “A bit smarter” solutions.

For further information please contact Fredrik, Victoria or your local sales representative.

Fredrik Gabrielsson, Program Manager Connectivity
Phone: +46 (0) 72 716 92 11, e-mail: fredrik.gabrielsson[at]

Victoria Posazhennikova, Expert Consignment Management
Phone: +46 (0) 72 743 20 47, e-mail: victoria.posazhennikova[at]