Drillair Y35 compressor application belgium

Geotechnical drilling

We offer a total solution for your geotechnical drilling needs. In addition to all the products you need to get the job done, we can also provide the necessary service agreements and financing solutions. Complete solutions are a traditional hallmark of Epiroc.

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Safety and ergonomics

For operator safety, we have designed WellDrill 3062 with an optional safety guard and emergency stops. Using the flexible remote control, operators are able to find their own ergonomic working position. Advanced evacuation of pressurized air reduces noise, while keeping the working environment clean.

Low operational costs

Fast set up and positioning. Easy adjustment of drilling parameters and automatic functions improve productivity and efficiency. The optimized hydraulic system reduces fuel consumption.

A complete solution

As a global leader in drilling rigs, we have the ability to provide a total solution, suitable for your needs. Besides high-quality equipment, we can provide everything from parts and consumables, to service agreements and financing solutions based on your requirements.

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