HOBBS: Hydraulic operated bit basket

Item no: 9772062259 HOBBS GEN 4, COMPLETE ASSEMBLY.



  • Fully operational from the cabin.

  • No operator on the deck manually changing the bits.

  • No ‘line of fire’ exposure or working under a suspended load.

  • Reduced profile and less shielding requirements with more streamline base.

  • Less moving parts and components to maintain; giving greater reliability and longevity.

  • Dual cylinder arrangement fully retractable; with increased protection in both the parked and ‘in-use’ position.Improved ‘wash-ability’ via slotted ports in the base. Forward facing drain ports In the bit basket.

  • Additional drain holes in the breakout base to reduce cuttings and fines build up.

  • No greasing required on pin and clevis connections.

  • Upgraded basket insert to improve protection of the locating pins.

  • Compatible with the Safe Automated Bush Lifting System (SABLs).

    Customers with existing HOBBS Gen 3 units installed can upgrade to Gen 4 using the Epiroc HOBBS Gen 4 Upgrade Kit. Please enquire with your Epiroc Customer Service

  • Hobbs.png 115 kB, PNG

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