Epiroc’s New Solution For Your MT6020 Truck: Kessler III Axle Replacement Modules

Epiroc is an authorised repair agent for Kessler axles. This means we can offer our customers the best solution for maintenance of the Kessler III truck axles.



The underground truck Minetruck MT6020.

  • Use of new genuine OEM parts.
  • All work carried out by qualified Epiroc factory trained technicians.
  • Use of strict reuse part and component guidelines and protocols.
  • Four axle replacement / overhaul options available.


Customers can choose from four options when replacing Kessler III axle units in their MT6020 mine trucks:

  • Kessler III - MT6020 Truck Flyer

    Kessler III - MT6020 Truck Flyer 4.1 MB, PDF

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