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Product description

The Diamec 6 MCR (Mobile Carrier Rig) from Epiroc combines the best of two worlds – the high productivity and accuracy of a Diamec core drilling rig, with the mobility of a robust carrier designed for underground use. The Diamec 6 MCR offers unparalleled productivity in underground exploration.

The Diamec MCR makes the drilling setup process much faster. It also allows for easy positioning – even at the most difficult of angles. The articulated carrier allows it to bend around difficult contors whilst the highly manouverable boom allows the drill to be positioned in exactly the desired location. This enables the operator to complete the hole and move to the next location quickly and efficiently.

All controls are logically placed to make life easy for the operator. The tough canopy also provides protection from falling rocks and debris. As the drill is mounted on the boom, the operator runs the rig a safe distance away from the drilling area during operations.

The Diamec Smart 6 MCR has an advanced Rig Control System so it can be operated automatically. Drilling parameters are set and monitored from the touch screen on the control panel. The automatic features, which including constant penetration rate can drastrically improve bit life when compared to manual drilling. These features also reduce the risk of core blockage and hole deviation, which minimizes drilling errors and operator fatigue. This rig is also available with a Pilot Hydraulic Control System (PHC).

Diamec MCR Smart 6