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COP M-series hammers at site

Down-the-hole hammers

Proudly presenting our six fastest DTH hammers, the new COP M-series.

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One-stop-shop – a total solution

We offer a complete range of down-the-hole products including hammers, bits, pipes, adapters, reverse circulation products, breakout benches and grinding machines with consumables.

Industry standard

Over the years our customers have benefited from our famous series of hammers. Our bit shank designs are considered the industry standard worldwide!

Application areas – just about anywhere

Presently, there are no fields where our premium down-the-hole equipment is not used. Our products can be found in mining, construction, exploration, water well, geothermal and deep hole applications.

Our hammers enables optimum performance and results

We offer the most comprehensive range of down the hole hammers of any supplier in the world, backed up by the strongest support network in the industry. Whether drilling contractors need reliable hammers that keep investments to a minimum, or highest possible productivity to ensure maximum rig output, we have the solution.

Selecting the right hammer

The optimum range of hole size for DTH drilling is 90 mm (3.5”) to 254 mm (10”). Smaller holes are generally drilled using tophammer drill rigs, and larger holes generally use rotary drill rigs.


As a rule of thumb, the smallest hole diameter a DTH hammer can drill is its nominal size. i.e. standard 102 mm (4”) hammer will drill a hole down to a minimum diameter of 102 mm (4”). The limiting factor is the outside diameter of the hammer, because as the hole diameter reduces due to diameter wear of the bit, airflow is restricted. Maximum hole size for production drilling is the nominal hammer size plus 25 mm (1”), so for a 102 mm (4”) hammer the maximum hole size is 127-130 mm (5”).


Choosing the right hammer is largely determined by type of application, hole size and type of rock formation. Ideally, the size of the hammer should match the required hole dimension as closely as possible, leaving just enough space for cuttings to evacuate the hole efficiently.


Epiroc hammers are purpose-matched for all rock types and applications where high performance and low total cost per drill meter are the main criteria. The standard design is a suitable choice for production drilling in quarries, shallow waterwell drilling, and underground blasthole drilling. For demanding conditions in abrasive formations, the QM (quarry master) version is the optimum selection. It has the same internal components as the standard, but with larger OD of the chuck and wear sleeve, and a top sub-fitted with tungsten carbide buttons for wear protection in harsh and abrasive conditions. These also protect the top sub from excessive wear when rotating out of the hole through broken rock.


Highest performance

The COP M-series, Gold and QLX hammers are designed for the most demanding drilling conditions and for applications that require premium performance. These hammers feature state-of-the-art technology and deliver both maximum productivity and profit.



As a rule of thumb, a DTH hammer used in production drilling should be replaced when it has lost 10% in net penetration rate. The total drilling cost per meter increases drastically when productivity drops. All Epiroc hammers have the rebuild option with an E-kit, a kit consisting of external and internal wear parts. This is a valuable option particularly in abrasive to medium abrasive formations. With unique combination of highest quality in design, production and material, the hammers can be rebuilt with sustained performance.


COP M-series

Welcome to Epiroc's all new M-series of DTH hammers. Our 6", 7" and 8" hammers are designed and built to perfection. They are faster, lighter, more service friendly and longer lasting than ever before.

Each and every COP M-series hammer can be quickly and easily adjusted to different compressor air pressures and air volumes. This two-in-one feature makes our hammers fit all rigs, operating at different altitudes and climates.

COP W4 2.0

Touching water or heat in one go. 


Mount the gear, drill the hole and on to next. Fast and smooth, without hassle. One hole in one go, without jamming or premature bit failure. That’s most drillers’ idea of a good day at work.