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Welcome to CONEXPO/CON-AGG 2023

We will be attending the upcoming CONEXPO/CON-AGG exhibition in Las Vegas, USA, March 14-18. We will showcase our latest innovations within the construction segment; from equipment and consumables to digital solutions including: 




SmartROC T25 R

The SmartROC T25 R is a new surface flagship radio remote drill rig – on a whole new platform. The construction rig offers a number of valuable features such as:

  • An exceptional coverage area
  • Excellent terrainability
  • Application versatility
  • Smart Rig Control System (RCS) – which future-proofs digital functions that improve efficiency and helps to reduce the rig's climate impact through fuel savings.

SmartROC T25 R will be available to order for Norwegian and Swedish markets during Q2 2023.

SmartROC T40

SmartROC T40

The upgraded version of the advanced SmartROC T40 tophammer surface drill rig for quarrying and construction consumes less diesel than any other diesel-hydraulic rig in its class. It's a great performer - even under the toughest drilling conditions and include benefits such as:


  • Class-leading fuel efficiency — even lower fuel consumption reduces costs and environmental impact 
  • Boosted productivity thanks to a range of smart features and options  
  • Enhanced automation helps to achieve new levels in drilling consistency and output




The COP SC25X-HE rock drill comes with a built-in powerful hydraulic extractor. It is a high-impact energy rock drill, developed for a recommended service interval of 800 percussion hours, without sacrificing its proven drilling performance. This rock drill offers the following benefits:

  • Versatility with two different stroke settings to optimize performance even as hole sizes and rock conditions vary
  • Reliability with optimized rock contact, while simultaneously protecting the rock drill from harmful energy recoils
  • Increased service life to improve the total cost of ownership



The COP SC14 is a hydraulic rock drill for small surface construction drilling. It is developed for cost-efficient drilling, high machine utilization, and trouble-free operation and offers the following benefits:

  • Pressurized and lubricated mating surfaces and side bolts to improve protection against both wear and corrosion
  • Hydraulic dual-dampening system and floating adaptor providing the best possible contact between the drill bit and the rock
  • Can also be utilized for bolt hole drilling where harder rock conditions or larger hole diameters are needed

Pressure washer kit

High pressure washer kit
The pressure washer kit is a high pressure washer that can be used at a site to clean your drill rig. It is suitable for FlexiROC D50-D65 rigs already equipped with water mist systems. 



Unigrout Flex M

The complete Unigrout Flex system consists of a manually operated grouting platform which includes a mixer, agitator and injection pump. Thanks to a compact all-in-one design the rig is easy to relocate at the worksite and its straightforward manual system will ensure great results with the correct pressure and flow rate during grouting. Standalone products such as Logac and additive systems can be added to further expand its functionality. 

Unigrout M2 S

The improved Unigrout M2 S pushes the boundaries within grouting with digitalization and automation. The grouting platform configuration makes for excellent flexibility while the automated features bring optimization opportunities.


The Unigrout M2 S comes with the well-known Epiroc Rig Control System (RCS 5), which not only operates the unit but also uses recorded data for maximized performance. The connectivity between Unigrout M2 S and the drilling unit, underground or on surface, creates a base for the digitalization of the complete process from hole to grout. All Measure While Grouting (MWG) data is saved in the Rig Control System along with the Measure While Drilling (MWD) data from the face drill rig. Epiroc’s Underground Manager software combines both data to display clear and informative reporting. This means a safer working environment and improved productivity all thanks to full control and a greater overview of the grouting process.





Epiroc DTH drill bit

A quick look at the new Epiroc DTH drill bits reveals an all-new face design. This means optimized flushing and handling of drill cuttings. The bit also have more buttons, which increase the overall energy when drilling. Speaking of buttons, there are now three different shapes to choose from to tackle different drilling needs and types of rock: Epiroc Trubbnos, spherical and ballistic buttons. 
The use of the new Epiroc carbide buttons is not visible but equally important for the overall effect. Add that Epiroc DTH drill bits are produced with improved heat treatment and increased face hardness, and you get a more durable, sturdier and robust bit, with increased service life.

Epiroc DTH 5 hammer

DTH 5 hammer

Launching this spring, with a preview at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023, the Epiroc DTH 5 hammer is your ideal striking partner where you get it all; more drilled meters per shift, higher profits, plus the versatility needed to tackle any type of rock and task with outstanding results.  


The hammer is a significant upgrade with a super-versatile range and longer service life, giving you twelve configurations in one system. Compared to the predecessor, the hammer have a 5% higher penetration rate and last approximately 10% longer. For operators this means more productive and profitable workdays with fewer time-consuming and heavy changes of tools. 

Epiroc Essential line

Essential line

With Epiroc EssentialLine quality bits, shanks and rods you will get optimal energy transmission and drilling economy every day and for every project. The EssentialLine is suitable for the most common tophammer surface drilling applications and a range of depths and ground conditions.


EssentialLine bits offer the quality and consistency that you expect from Epiroc tools. Together with our superior drill string they make the perfect match so you can rely on EssentialLine bits to give you the performance you need. When cost per meter is essential, EssentialLine delivers.


COPROD is a unique, patented rock drilling system from Epiroc. It combines the high penetration rate and low diesel consumption of tophammer equipment with the hole straightness and hole quality of DTH drilling.


The new generation of COPROD 89 has further increased the efficiency, resulting in additional fuel reduction of some 20% compared to the original COPROD system. It has better rate of penetration as a direct result of less air restriction throughout the drill string that provides better flushing while drilling.





V-shaped cutter VC 2000

With its V-shaped design, the latest drum cutter from Epiroc sets a new standard in trenching and quarrying. A seemingly simple solution with an extraordinary effectiveness – enabling energy savings of up to 40 %. In a world where advanced technology evolves in an unprecedented pace it feels reassuring that some revolutionary product development is self-explanatory.
There is a brand-new way to work with rock or concrete wall and surface profiling, trenching, soft rock and frozen soil excavation and demolition. Experience the V-shaped drum cutter revolution.

Combi cutter CC 3100 P | Cutter jaw CC 3100 U |Cutter jaw CC 3100 S

The new pulverizer jaws from Epiroc in action. Here with a CC 3100 P.
Rock, concrete, steel and cable cutters. Our multi-purpose hydraulic cutters with various jaw type options can be used flexibly in primary demolition and secondary reduction of concrete structures as well as cutting steel structures at demolition sites.

Hydraulic breaker EC 60T

Our essential range of hydraulic breakers offers a good price-performance ratio compaired with the reliability that you expect from an Epiroc breaker. Many well-known features turn these breakers into durable workhorses that will give you good results in a wide range of day-to-day breaking tasks.

Drum cutter ER 250

Transverse drum cutters are an excellent choice for rock or concrete wall and surface profiling, trenching, soft rock and frozen soil excavation and demolition.

Hydraulic breaker HB 10000 Dust

The Epiroc HB 10000 heavy hydraulic breaker. The biggest hydraulic breaker in the world
The heavy range of hydraulic breakers are highly adapted for primary blast-free rock excavation and secondary rock breaking on construction sites and in quarries, surface and underground mines, as well as primary demolition of massive reinforced concrete structures. The HB 10000 is the largest hydraulic breaker in serial production in the world.

Hydraulic compactor HC 350

The Epiroc hydraulic compactor HC 350
Hydraulic plate compactors are designed for compacting soil, trenches and embankments as well as driving in and pulling outs posts and formwork. A quiet, safe and efficient alternative to manual compaction methods.

Hydraulic breaker MB 1650

The MB 1650 Epiroc medium hydraulic breaker
The medium breakers are ideal for concrete and asphalt demolition work, secondary rock breaking and primary rock excavation on construction sites.

Hydraulic breaker SBU 220

SBU breakers are used for road work, trenching and demolition as well as in primary and secondary rock breaking. If you need a breaker with a high back pressure acceptance, this is your solution.





My Epiroc

My Epiroc Tablet, Technology and Digital division
My Epiroc is a role-based digital platform where operators, fleet managers, buyers, technicians, and managers can manage their business efficiently. With My Epiroc, they have the tools to keep track of the fleet and its status and insights into its service needs, simple ways to track orders and follow up on any faults as they arise. Access is possible through a mobile app or web browser with offline support. 

Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence

Mobilaris interface
Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence is a technology-agnostic decision support system that sets a new standard for tunneling by integrating data from different vendors and technologies into one system. Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence includes state-of-the-art technology within real-time positioning, sensor data, dispatch, analytics and much more.

OEM agnostic automation and digital solutions from RCT

Concrete pump RCT
Recently acquired by Epiroc, RCT provides cutting-edge technologies, including automation, traffic management, data analytics, and fleet management solutions. With an open design ethos, RCT's systems are tailored to meet the unique needs of mobile fleets across multiple industries, including construction, military, mining, and forestry. Their proven solutions offer control, accuracy, and efficiency for all makes and models. 

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