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Epiroc's MB 1650 hydraulic hammer is the new centrepiece in the Sicobrita machine park

July 2019 – The Portuguese company Sicobrita S.A. has been operating a quarry in the Serra do Sicó, near the city of Pombal, for more than 30 years. Those responsible have been placing their trust in Epiroc's hydraulic hammers since 2005. The new MB 1650 wins us over - in addition to the familiar quality features such as reliability, low vibration and high performance - with a more compact, lighter construction, increased reliability and simpler maintenance procedures.

Sicobrita continues to have complete confidence in Epiroc
Thanks to a privileged location in one of the most important limestone massifs in Portugal, the quarry has a large extension in a licence area of approximately 35 hectares. Sicobrita uses precise mining and crushing methods that produce limestone with high purity and a high of whiteness. In the process, effects on the environment are always kept as low as possible.

Sicobrita is regarded as a national treasure thanks to its high level of competitiveness and its solid reputation. One more reason to only work with equally highly qualified companies. In this way, Managing Director Armando Reis Vieira has relied on the service promise of Epiroc since 2005 and has now decided with conviction on the successor MB 1650 in his choice of a new hydraulic hammer - after the MB 1700: "The hydraulic hammer is used for critical and demanding tasks, so it must provide responsiveness and production capacity, in order to ensure that the work involved is not compromised. For Sicobrita, optimising work equipment is the basis for customer satisfaction."

Proven quality & new benefits
If the predecessor is already convinced, the successor has to put forward even more benefits. Sicobrita has purposely opted for an Epiroc hammer when renewing their machine park, because reliability, productivity and availability of devices are unbeaten.

In the MB 1700, the company valued, among other things, the automatic lubrication system, energy recovery, low noise and vibration levels and effective dust protection. Of course, the MB 1650 continues to offer all of these quality features, in addition to being lighter and more compact than its predecessor. This makes it easier to maintain and lower in cost. Nevertheless, the slender design does not detract from the high impact energy - on the contrary. Therefore, the hydraulic hammer can continue to be used in problematic production processes, but at the same time contributes to an easier handling and a reduction in operating costs.

New, lighter, better - the MB 1650 is an all-rounder
The new MB 1650 hydraulic hammer is a prime example of the desire to deliver the highest quality, while helping customers to reduce their operating costs. With a weight of 1,650 kg, it is lighter and more compact than the MB 1700, suitable for carriers from 19 to 32 tonnes.

Particularly impressive is the advanced control technology: The performance of the hydraulic breaker is optimised by AutoControl, an automatic stroke switch mechanism. The EnergyRecovery feature uses the recoil force of the piston to increase performance and - like the VibroSilenced Plus system - to reduce vibration. And the integrated StartSelect valve allows the operator to adapt the launch behaviour of the breaker to their operating conditions in a few simple steps.

The automatic lubrication system ContiLube™ II, the patented dust protection system DustProtector II and the redesigned service opening improve the longevity of the components. Lubricant consumption is reduced, dust penetration is prevented and maintenance is facilitated. In addition, the MB 1650 is without high-pressure accumulator, which in turn significantly reduces repair costs.

The MB 1650 is therefore an efficient tool for a wide range of applications in mining and quarrying, demolition and renovation works, on construction sites and in the metallurgical industry. The new design offers greater reliability, lower repair costs and easier accessibility to maintenance, without sacrificing any of the impressive operational performance.

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