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Proof of concept trial with Newcrest Mining

"As mines are getting deeper, and with escalating energy and haulage costs, mining companies must be constantly on the lookout for better ways to work."
- Tony Sprague, Group Manager Technology & Innovation, Newcrest Mining, Australia
Newcrest Mining in collaboration with Epiroc and Volvo are working on a potential new system of mining for safer and more efficient loading and haulage methods. In the beginning of June a proof of concept trial was held in Sweden at the Epiroc Kvarntorp mine and at SweRock’s Atle quarry that involved Newcrest, Epiroc and Volvo contributing equipment and personnel.
"The goal with this proof of concept trial was about setting a baseline on what can be achieved with Häggloader, Volvo trucks and Scooptram ST18", Tony explains.

The team came together to observe the Häggloader, Volvo trucks and Scooptram ST18 in action both underground (Kvarntorp mine) and on surface (Atle quarry). Data was collected data and improvements were identified by the team.

Tony continues: "We will now move onto the next phase which involves working with Epiroc and Volvo to progress the system to higher productivities and efficiencies. Newcrest is setting a rapid pace of technology and innovation change to improve our mining operations. Without the collaborative support from our selected partners, we will not move fast enough, or be as successful. And we select our partners based on their attitude and culture towards innovation. In Epiroc and Volvo, both two great Swedish success stories, we see like minded companies willing to work together to achieve great outcomes for our people, companies and the environment."

For Epiroc, technological development in close cooperation with customers is essential. We asked Tony what role Epiroc plays in the technological development of Newcrest Mining. "We are looking for win-win outcomes where all parties involved stand to gain - that’s the best way to drive effective collaborations. With the Häggloader, Epiroc has a unique system of loading that has not been widely utilized into the global mining industry, and Newcrest is keen to help change this."



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