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A venture into new territory

July 22, 2021

Venture Drilling Supply expands its territory to become Epiroc’s largest water well dealer in the United States.
Epiroc TH60 waterwell drilling rig
There are five Epiroc dealers in the U.S. for water well equipment, Venture Drilling Supply being the biggest. Their previous territory covered Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. But because they’ve done such a great job servicing customers and representing Epiroc, they’ve recently been awarded even more territory, now covering about half the United States. According to Epiroc Product Manager Cody Green, “They’ve been the prototype dealer for our business model; we have seen how well our customers are supported with Venture that we have adopted that business model across the U.S. for water well.”

"Customers don't just buy the product; they buy a partnership with Epiroc and Venture."

Colt McCarthy , President - Venture Drilling Supply
Epiroc TH60 waterwell drilling rig

What attracts new customers to Venture and keeps existing customers loyal to both the dealership and the Epiroc brand? According to Colt McCarthy, President of Venture Drilling Supply, “Epiroc builds good products that meet and exceed expectations. No other manufacturer can produce a better product. The TH60 is the best in class.


Aside from the quality of the Epiroc drilling rigs that Venture carries, Colt describes another important factor his clients care about. “Customers don’t just buy the product; they buy a partnership with Epiroc and Venture. Our company is very autonomous, but it’s hard to draw a line between where Venture ends and Epiroc begins. We’re very much in a partnership. We’re both good at different things. Customers are buying into that partnership, which gives us a high degree of trust with clients.” 


As every water well drilling rig owner knows, parts availability is crucial to running a profitable drilling operation. Idle rigs don’t make money for anybody.


Venture has made parts availability another top priority because it’s critical to helping their customers stay profitable. “We empathize with customers on their downtime. The customer’s rig provides for multiple families, not just the owner and operator, but a crew and several clients who depend on Epiroc’s rigs to deliver and provide water supply.”

"Parts availability is key. We can't tell a customer it'll take three weeks."

Brad Hales , Service Manager - Venture Drilling Supply
Epiroc TH60 waterwell drilling rig

According to Brad Hales, Service Manager for Venture Drilling Supply, “Parts availability is key. We can’t tell a customer it’ll take three weeks. If you do that, paychecks are at stake.” He recalled an incident when a customer needed some hard-to-find parts ASAP, and there was only one place to get them. “Epiroc came through and provided parts directly from their production facility in Garland, Texas and had the parts sent out the same day for the customer who was in a real pinch.”


Brad also speaks very highly of the quality of the rigs and the consistency of design that Epiroc builds. “The TH60 is tried and true. The controls have advanced over the years, but they are similar in function and location, so it’s easy for somebody to learn a new rig fast. They don’t change it to change it.” Product Manager Cody Green nods in agreement, “We add technology where it makes sense, not to be the latest fad or add complexity. When we change the rig, there must be an added value to the end-user.”


Sales Manager for Venture Drilling Supply, Tyler Williams, knows how meaningful the relationship is between Venture and Epiroc. “When we reach out, they take it seriously. We’ve been side by side with Epiroc for a long time. Our names are tied together on these rigs. We work together to solve problems.”

"Epiroc does the best. It's all-around better than anybody in the industry - for design, sales, and support."

Tyler Williams , Sales Manager - Venture Drilling Supply
Epiroc TH60 waterwell drilling rig

Tyler says customers love the quality they get from Epiroc. “The TH60 is the Cadillac. Highest resale value. It’s the most sought-after rig on the market.”


Other brands have approached Venture to carry their equipment, but they have chosen Epiroc for many reasons. “Epiroc does the best. It’s all-around better than anybody in the industry—for design, sales, and support. That’s why we stay with Epiroc. They are who you want with you in the foxhole day in and day out.”



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