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Rig Remote Access

Rig Remote Access

Remote supervision of drill rigs and reliable transfer of drill plans and log files to and from the rigs.


Reliable data and information handling

Faster drill plan handling

Simplified process

Data communication for underground drilling rigs

The Rig Remote Access client in an Epiroc software that runs on one or several of  the computers in the mine. It is a safe storage for vital information and provides a fast delivery of drill plans and log files. It is always consistent and provides up-to-date information, where the status of the drill rigs easily can be monitored. 


For the Production planner, Rig Remote Access means constant access to latest production reports and log files. The drill rig operator in turn, has constant access to the latest production planning  and drill plans.

Rig Remote Access options

Rig Remote Access consists of several options, such as Remote Display, FTP, Server Application, Client Application and WLAN.


The server application function gives an additional virtual operator panel on the PC. The FTP transfer provides a file transfer, over the mine network from a standard PC. The RRA Server is an Epiroc software running under Windows, that runs on one of the customer's computers in the mine. It mirrors the information between the office and the drill rigs and bridges the occasions when the drill rigs are out of network coverage.


The RRA server keeps track of the drill rig automatically and exchanges data whenever they are connected to the network. The data are then exchanged with the Underground Manager application and with the mine CAD.


The Rig Remote Access is an Epiroc software running under windows, one one or several of the customer's computers in the mine. It gives an overview of all RRA equipped rigs and gives the ability to add/remove, force update of the rigs equipped with the RRA option.

Rig Remote Access - a part of 6th Sense Insight

Data is key in our modern world. Today, massive data amounts are being generated in daily operations. It only turns into true value if retrieved, stored and analyzed in a timely manner.


6th Sense Insight is a product family that includes solutions for collecting, transferring, storing, visualizing and analyzing the data, transforming it into useful information for data based decision making. Read more about 6th Sense.