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The Atlas Copco FlexiROC family offers three new editions

November 26, 2015

Three new editions of Atlas Copco’s FlexiROC surface drill rigs have been introduced. Each designed for specific applications but with crossover capabilities for multi-tasking if and when required, with full Radio Remote Control of all functions.
Rock drillers using drill rigs from the Atlas Copco FlexiROC range now have three new editions to choose from, depending on the main task for which they will be used in construction and quarrying.

The new trio consists of the FlexiROC T25 R Construction Edition, FlexiROC T30 R Construction Edition and FlexiROC T30 R Quarry Edition, all designed for demanding ground conditions. They all operate within the 38–89 mm hole range with crossover capabilities that make them highly useful in associated application areas.

The FlexiROC T25 R Construction Edition is primarily designed for lighter applications such as trenching, drilling blast holes for swimming pool installations and residential foundation work.

The FlexiROC T30 R Construction Edition, which has a more powerful rock drill, is suited for larger, more heavy-duty applications such as major foundation work in large-scale residential and industrial projects as well as road construction and even production drilling in small quarries. At the same time, the FlexiROC T30 R can also be used for lighter tasks if required and both editions offer outstanding reach thanks to extra long folding booms.

The FlexiROC T30 R Quarry Edition, on the other hand, has a shorter folding boom which makes it sturdier for quarrying. It is designed for drilling 45–89 mm holes in smaller quarries, but is also capable of carrying out certain foundation drilling work as well as road construction. The Quarry Edition also offers a higher flushing capacity optimized for production drilling.

But the most outstanding feature for all editions is a Radio Remote Control (RRC) display that allows the operator to view hole inclination and hole depth as well as drilling performance and engine status information. This means that in areas with restricted access and rough terrain operators have all the information they need at their fingertips and can simply choose the most convenient and safest position to work from.

As all rigs in the Atlas Copco range, these new FlexiROC editions are equipped with Tier 4 Final engines to meet the latest emission standards.
For further information please contact:
Marcus Leü, Global Product Manager
Mobile: +46 (0)72 725 98 35 Email:
Fredrik Ternström, Project Manager - Brand Communication
Mobile: +46 (0)19 670 7377 Email:
Surface and Exploration Drilling is a division within Atlas Copco’s Mining and Rock Excavation Technique business area. It develops, manufactures, and markets rock and exploration drilling equipment for various applications in civil and geotechnical engineering, quarries and both surface as well as underground mines worldwide. Atlas Copco's strong focus on innovative product design and service support systems gives added customer value. The main production centers are in Sweden, Italy, India, Japan and China. The divisional headquarters is in Örebro, Sweden.
Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.

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