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The new generation SmartROC D50 and SmartROC D55 – a sure investment

June 10, 2020

Epiroc is gearing up to present the new generation SmartROC D50 and SmartROC D55 surface drill rigs. These updated intelligent drill rigs, will give drillers even more features and options over those already included on these rigs.
“Both SmartROC D50 and SmartROC D55 surface drill rigs will help our customers – in both mining and quarrying applications - decrease operational costs and boost productivity”, says Mattias Hjerpe, Global Product Manager at Epiroc. 
The new generation SmartROC D50 and D55 are packed with intelligent features that will improve operations and increase safety. Both these Down-The-Hole surface drill rigs share the intelligence and automation of the bigger SmartROC D60/D65, which were released last year. The SmartROC D50 and D55 are versatile and flexible drill rigs, with a feed carrying 5 meter tubes.

The SmartROC D50 and D55 offer smart features such as automated drilling and rod handling. Both these rig are also available with a new option, Radio Remote Control System. 

"With Radio Remote Control System, the operator work safely whilst being able to view the rig from a distance. This is a popular feature available on other rigs, but due to popular demand from our customers, Epiroc has made it available on these machines too."

Mattias Hjerpe ,Global Product Manager at Epiroc

Due to a new advanced control system – with intelligent control of compressor load and engine rpm - the SmartROC D50 and D55 also cut fuel consumption. These drill rigs also benefit from a redesigned hydraulic system, which not only reduces fuel burn, but also uses hundreds of liters less hydraulic oil than previous versions of these machines.  Additionally, this serves to increase sustainability. 

Inside the cabin, the operator will find an updated ergonomically-designed working environment. The rig offers multifunction joysticks and adjustable tramming speed to further improve operator comfort and make trailer loading safer and easier. The cabin also includes a brand new touch screen-based Rig Control System.  
“This system is both intuitive and easy to learn – and presents live information to the operator. The new screen will give the operator total control of the rig”, Mattias Hjerpe points out.

Like all SmartROC rigs, as other new features and improvements are released, they can easily be installed via software upgrades to keep the machine up-to-date at all times.  This makes the SmartROC D50 and D55 a safe bet for the future.  
“Our customers will increase profit and achieve a great Total Cost of Ownership
”, says Mattias Hjerpe.


The SmartROC D55 has a more powerful engine and higher working pressure available from the compressor than the SmartROC D50.  Both machines are designed to a work just as well in a mine as in a quarry, and are the same size.


For further information, please contact:

Mattias Hjerpe

Global Product Manager, Surface division

Phone: +46 (0) 70 265 3486


Anders Bromsjö

Project Manager - Brand Communication, Surface division

Phone: +46 (0) 72 083 6011


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