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Taking construction to the next level 

March 3, 2023

When the CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 trade show opens its doors in Las Vegas on March 14, it promises to take the construction business to the next level. One company that will be proving it can do just that is Epiroc with a full range of its latest innovations on display.

Epiroc, the global supplier of construction equipment headquartered in Sweden, will be in the vanguard of the world’s construction leaders when this year’s CONEXPO-CON/AGG show gets under way in Las Vegas on March 14–18, 2023. A common theme for the exhibitors at this year’s event is to showcase technology innovations that contribute to making construction work easier, faster, and more efficient.

Epiroc is ready to step up to the plate with a range of its latest products. These include two new surface drill rigs that demonstrate new advances in the SmartROC series, two smart grouting systems, a new DTH (Down-The-Hole) hammer, a new V-shaped drum cutter, new digital tools and related aftermarket solutions.


All of these products have been designed to help accelerate the transformation of the construction industry to become more sustainable, efficient, and environmentally-friendly.
The product display will feature:

Surface drilling equipment and drilling tools

Pre-launch SmartROC T25

SmartROC T25 R will be showcased during CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023

SmartROC T25 R: The SmartROC T25 R is a radio-remote rig built on a new platform and offers several valuable features, all of which will be showcased as part of the rig’s pre-launch. These include an exceptional coverage area, excellent terrainability and application versatility – all backed up by a smart Rig Control System (RCS) and future-proof digital functions that improve efficiency and help to reduce the rigs’ climate impact through fuel savings.


SmartROC T40: The upgraded version of the advanced SmartROC T40 tophammer rig for quarrying and construction consumes less diesel than any other diesel-hydraulic rig in its class and offers superior performance even under the toughest drilling conditions. The rig’s class-leading fuel efficiency reduces environmental impact and costs. It also comes with smart features and options that boost productivity, including enhanced automation which helps to increase both drilling consistency and output. 

Epiroc DTH 5 hammers_2.jpg

The new DTH 5 hammer

New DTH 5 hammer: The DTH 5 hammer represents a significant upgrade that gives more drilled meters per shift and the versatility needed to tackle any type of rock and task. The design offers 12 configurations and a 5% higher penetration rate compared to its predecessor and lasts approximately 10% longer. For the operator this translates into more productive and profitable workdays with fewer time-consuming and heavy changes of tools.  

In January, Epiroc also launched new DTH drill bits which signals a new era for Down-The-Hole drilling. Thanks to a new design and the use of the new Epiroc carbide, these bits improve productivity and profitability while ensuring better workdays for operators. 

Grouting equipment

Unigrout M2 Smart commercial photo in underground mine

Unigrout M2 S

Unigrout Flex M: A compact, flexible, and reliable grouting system in injection grouting for civil construction. The system comprises a manually operated grouting platform which includes a mixer, agitator, and injection pump. The compact, all-in-one design makes it easy to relocate the unit at the worksite while its straightforward manual system ensures the correct pressure and flow rate during grouting.


Unigrout M2 S: This improved unit pushes the boundaries within grouting with digitalization and automation. With improved automation features available in the Smart series customers can get full connectivity and control over their civil construction operations. This incorporates Epiroc’s Rig Control System (RCS 5), which not only operates the unit but also uses recorded data for maximized performance. The connectivity between Unigrout M2 S and the drilling unit, underground or on the surface, creates a base for the digitalization of the complete process from hole to grout. 


All Measure While Grouting (MWG) data is saved in the Rig Control System along with the Measure While Drilling (MWD) data from the face drill rig. Epiroc’s Underground Manager software combines this data to display clear and informative reporting. This provides operators with a good overview and total control of the grouting process and creates a safer working environment. 

Hydraulic attachment tools

HexPicks with a VC 2000 Vcutter

VC 2000

VC 2000: The latest V-shaped drum cutter from Epiroc for trenching and quarrying, enabling energy savings of up to 40%, will also be on display. Thanks to its pioneering V-shaped design that enables a cut with a flat base, no material is left untouched between the drums.  


Whereas a regular drum cutter must move side to side to create an even trench, an approach that causes extra wear on the carrier arm, the VC 2000 can reach the same result by just going straight. It basically works like a bucket, which makes it easier to use, friendlier for the carrier and a lot less energy and time consuming. 


The VC 2000 comes with another industry first – HexPicks. The hexagonal shape may sound like a simple modification but in fact it’s an ingenious innovation that makes daily maintenance easier, faster, and less costly. The secret is that unsticking or replacement of the HexPicks can be done quickly and easily with a hexagon wrench. 


Epiroc reports that HexPicks are also more durable and will last up to 20% longer than other products. In addition, HexPicks come with the Epiroc QuickSnap retaining system, offering savings in time of more than 50% compared with normal circlips or knock-on retainers.  

Digital innovations, automation and control

My Epiroc Tablet, Technology and Digital division

My Epiroc

My Epiroc: My Epiroc is a digital platform that helps construction professionals such as operators, fleet managers, buyers, technicians to work smoother and more efficiently. This tool enables managers to keep track of a fleet and its service needs with simple ways to track orders and follow up on any faults as they arise. This increases confidence in making the right decisions based on information reported by machines and colleagues. The information can be accessed on mobile devices using the Mobile Companion app with offline support or using a web browser.


Visitors to CONEXPO-CON/AGG will also get a sneak peek at the soon-to-be-launched Fleet Monitoring solution with easy access in My Epiroc.


Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence: A system that integrates planning data, work progress data, asset- and person-tracking into one decision support system for tunnel sites. With the latest upgrade, it is now easier than ever to achieve higher positioning accuracy without having to expand network infrastructure.


As every tunneling project is unique and consists of equipment from various vendors and generations, the system sets a new standard for tunneling by integrating data from different technologies into one system. The new Mobilaris Companion tag can be used to pinpoint the position of people, vehicles, and moving assets. 


In the tunnel, positioning is based on low-energy Bluetooth (BLE) connected to 5G, WiFi or LTE networks, and outdoors via GPS. Every tag is connected to the system for visualization and support, enhancing each worker’s feeling of safety, particularly if an evacuation should be needed, and with 5G and Ultra-Wide Band, connectivity is faster and more precise than ever. 


RCT: One of Epiroc's recent acquisitions, RCT will be at the booth to showcase its automation, traffic management, data analytics, and fleet management solutions. RCT is known for its open design ethos, which allows its systems to be tailored to any manufacturer's mobile fleets and data software programs. The RCT specialists will be on hand to demonstrate their solutions ControlMaster, SmartTrack, EarthTrack, and Muirhead, which are proven in industries such as Construction, Military, Mining, Forestry, and more. 

Visitors to CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 will find the Epiroc displays in Central Hall #31348 
Footnote: CONEXPO-CON/AGG is held every three years in The Las Vegas Convention Center and Festival Grounds. This year it will showcase the products of approximately 1,800 companies from 130 countries and stage 150 conferences. It is expected to attract more than 120,000 industry professionals.  

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Epiroc is a vital part of a sustainable society and a global productivity partner for mining and infrastructure customers. With ground-breaking technology, Epiroc develops and provides innovative and safe equipment, such as drill rigs, rock excavation and construction equipment and tools for surface and underground applications. The company also offers world-class service and other aftermarket support as well as solutions for automation, digitalization and electrification. Epiroc is based in Stockholm, Sweden, had revenues of SEK 36 billion in 2020, and has about 15 000 passionate employees supporting and collaborating with customers in more than 150 countries. Learn more at

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