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Batteries with Service service technician and customer

Epiroc adds Batteries with Service to their electrification offering

January 19, 2024

Electrification solutions from Epiroc support mining customers as they transition towards using Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV). The latest addition to the portfolio is a new type of service agreement offering an opportunity for customers to own the battery and at the same time benefit from the latest updates and service.

Batteries with Service is a service concept created for Epiroc batteries and can be applied on Epiroc battery powered equipment as well as OEMs, using batteries from Epiroc. It makes it possible to own the complete equipment (machine and battery) and still benefit from a carefree solution for battery service, with extended warranty. The agreement is suitable for both surface and underground equipment and has been developed based on market demands.


“More and more customers want to have the full ownership of the complete equipment including battery. With our new concept, this is made easier," says Daniel Jonsson, Global Product Manager - Battery at Epiroc.

Increased availability and productivity

Batteries with Service offers all the benefits from the already available offering Batteries as a Service (BaaS), such as battery telematics, equipment audits and extended warranty.


“With battery telematics we can predict the battery health, improve and adapt based on the insights we get” says Jonsson. “He continues: We also have all battery data available at the battery for our technicians in order to always be informed of the health.”


Equipment audits are proactive, professional inspections that reduces unplanned downtime and production losses. It boosts productivity and improves safety. Batteries with Service is offering an extended warranty that covers costs for the premature failure of parts and components. Another vital part of Batteries with Service is safety and maintenance guidance from experienced personnel, especially trained to service Epiroc batteries.

Batteries with Service service technician

With circularity in mind

For Epiroc, circularity is a cornerstone within the electrification business and the company offers discount on battery subpacks when the customer returns used Epiroc batteries for recycling. This enables a circular approach on a linear business model, benefiting both the customer and the green transition.


“We are very pleased to be able to offer this service concept. With this offer we safeguard the introduction of our batteries and can give our customers peace of mind in this important technology shift”, Jonsson concludes.


To learn more about Batteries with Service, please visit

For further information please contact:

Daniel Jonsson

Global Product Manager - Battery, Epiroc Underground division and Parts & Services divisions

Phone: +46 (0)72 587 89 64


Malin Wahlén

Project Manager Brand Communication, Parts & Services divisions

Phone: +46 (0)72 522 97 18


Epiroc’s parts and services offering includes a complete range of services with the aim of maximizing customers’ productivity. The focus is on spare parts supply, professional service, training and support solutions such as remanufacturing, electrical infrastructure and battery conversions. The main distribution centers are in Sweden, the United States and Singapore. Please see for product offerings.

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