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Epiroc unveils Performance Booster to its DP 1820 Demolition Pulverizer, redefining efficiency in demolition tasks

February 19, 2024

Application image Demolition pulverizer DP 1820

Separation with the DP 1820 with Performance Booster

Epiroc, a leading provider of innovative solutions for the construction and mining industries, is proud to announce the latest enhancement to its Demolition Pulverizer range – the new Performance Booster for its DP 1820 Demolition Pulverizer.


The DP 1820, initially launched at Bauma 2022, Germany, boasts a slim, modular design, to withstand the additional power of a Performance Booster. The DP 1820 is specifically tailored for carriers in the weight class of 15-22 tons. Now, with the introduction of the Performance Booster, Epiroc takes the DP 1820 to new heights by offering substantially higher performance compared to standard versions.

Key benefits of the Performance Booster:

1. Enhanced performance:
The Epiroc Performance Booster elevates the DP 1820's performance by up to an impressive 20%, ensuring jobs are completed faster and more efficiently.


2. Reduced jaw cycle time:
The Performance Booster not only boosts power but also minimizes jaw cycle time by up to 25%, contributing to increased productivity on the job site.


3. Fuel efficiency:
Expect a significant reduction in carrier fuel consumption up to 35%, making the DP 1820 with Performance Booster a sustainable and cost-effective solution.

A unique opportunity for existing hydraulic attachment tools:

The Epiroc DP range stands out as the Performance Booster can be retrofitted onto existing attachments, a distinctive feature made possible by the robustness of the standard Epiroc pulverizer body. Unlike other pulverizers on the market that require different bodies to withstand the load of a Performance Booster, the DP 1820 offers a cost-effective and convenient solution.

DP 1820 – A demolition powerhouse:

The DP 1820, with a service weight of 1,820 kg and a jaw opening of 746 mm, delivers precise handling and an impressive crushing force. Its slim, modular design eliminates the need for cylinder rod protection, and the 360° endless hydraulic rotation ensures optimal positioning and precise handling on the job site. The demolition pulverizer's design eliminates the need for additional cylinder protection, streamlining operations.

Versatility redefined:

Epiroc Demolition Pulverizers, including the DP 1820 with Performance Booster, are highly versatile attachments capable of handling both demolition tasks and secondary breaking of debris. This efficiency facilitates material recycling and re-use, making Epiroc's DP attachments an all-in-one solution for a range of applications.


For more information on the DP 1820 Demolition Pulverizer with Performance Booster and other innovative solutions from Epiroc, please visit

For further information please contact:

André Brauner

Global Product Manager - Demolition & Recycling

Phone: +49 (0)173 72 55 184


Anja Kaulbach

Head of Strategic Communications

Phone: +49 (0)173 72 55 139


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