Making mining safe

Boltec E is a fully mechanized rock bolting rig suitable for installation of a range of bolt types from 2.4 to 6 meters in length. Developed for medium to large sized tunnel profiles, it can install bolts in roof heights up to 13 meters.

The optimized bolting unit with reduced feed length gives potential for reduced drive sizes whilst retaining the same bolt lengths used previously. Rock drills are optimized for bolt hole drilling with the options of COP RR11 and COP RR14. Boltec E has an open service architecture and is easy to maintain. The four-wheel drive carrier is the same as on Simba M/E and Boomer M/E machines.

Safety and quality of bolt installation is our focus. The standard and optional features of Boltec E ensures operator safety, comfort and guarantees a job well done.


  • Boltec E technical specification
Boltec E, freecut, front/left side view