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RC drill rigs

Our Explorac range provides exploration drillers with the only reverse circulation drilling rigs on the market which are specifically designed for reverse circulation drilling and drilling in remote areas.

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Discover our range of Reverse circulation drilling rigs

Reverse circulation (RC ) drilling represents a fast and economical way to retrieve the high-quality mineral grade samples needed to efficiently plan your mining and quarrying operations.
The RC drilling method not only prevents cross contamination but also enables a large number of sample bags in a short amount of time. Sample bags are labelled with the same location and depth information – and can be sent to a laboratory immediately after or during drilling.

Further analysis yields fast, reliable information about mineral deposits that allows you to selectively pinpoint zones for drilling and blasting for maximum ore recovery and greater profit per ton.

RC drilling – quick and efficient

RC drilling is a quick and efficient method that has the potential to cut overall drilling cost significantly, while maintaining good sampling quality. When carried out correctly, RC drilling will reduce dramatically both overall drilling costs and impact on the environment.

An RC-equipped drill rig can quickly be converted to production drilling. Our rigs support inclined drilling which makes it easier to find the boundaries of the ore body. 

Reverse Circulation (RC) is a fairly simple sample method used for in-pit grade control. RC drilling is used for reducing the dilution of material into the crusher.

Explore our RC drill range now. 

3 products found

3 products found