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Mobilaris Mining Intelligence

A part of the Epiroc 6th Sense offering is the Mobilaris product portfolio including situational awareness, emergency support and ventilation on demand. The offering is an important part to optimize our customers' value chain through system integration and information management.


Real-time Situational Awareness

Real-time 3D visualization, both in control rooms on the surface using Mobilaris Situational Awareness™ and underground using Mobilaris Onboard™ or Pocket Mine™. Everyone, everywhere knows what is going on down below.

Emergency support

In the case of a stressful situation that requires evacuation of the mine, every second counts. Rescue personnel and evacuation leaders need to have the best tools available to ensure that evacuation is done as quickly as possible and according to defined procedures.

Ventilation on demand

We let the presence of machines control the ventilation; a solution that can be set up quickly and remotely and works every time. By creating a geofence defining the production area, the trigger condition and the triggered action, the presence of certain defined machines will control the ventilation.

Mobilaris Mining Intelligence


Totally technology and vendor agnostic

Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ is totally technology and vendor agnostic. The unique agnostic approach allows real-time location, tracking and monitoring of vehicles, personnel and any equipment using a mixture of technologies (LTE, WiFi, UWB, RFID and other proprietary technologies) from various vendors. It is a best fit for purpose, homogeneous and cost-efficient solution to track assets in the mine. To integrate planning data, machine production and maintenance data or sensor data into one decision support system will help you increase the production efficiency and safety of your mine.