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Product description

Efficient, economical, and highly mobile, the Epiroc DH350 drilling rig is designed to exceed today’s geothermal and oil and gas industry standards. Smart automation-friendly features require fewer crewmembers while allowing for a safer work environment.


The unconventional DH350 features hydraulic-powered hoisting, rotating and pipe handling operations — along with fully hydraulic rig-up and leveling/walking operations.


Combined with Epiroc’s unique CANBus operating system, the DH350 is well suited for automated functions such as feeding tubulars to the unique tip-out top drive, as well as auto make/break of drill pipe and BHA components. Planned DH350 automation projects also open up possibilities for future autonomous drilling operations.


Epiroc draws on more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of hydraulic-powered surface drilling rigs. The DH350 combines those years of experience into one of the most advanced hydraulic hoist drilling rigs available today.


Epiroc DH350 oil and gas drilling rig