The DH350 oil and gas drilling rig

Efficient, economical, and highly mobile, the Epiroc DH350 drilling rig is designed to exceed today’s energy industry standards. Smart automation-friendly features require fewer crewmembers while allowing for a safer work environment.

Technical data


Transport weight

68 000 lb

Transport length

14,6 ft

Transport width

9,8 ft

Transport height

9,5 ft

Bottom of spindle to top of table

58,75 ft

Bottom of spindle with kelly cock, float sub and 4 1/2 dp saver sub to top of table

52,2 ft

Pullback sheave diameter

55,12 inch

Pullback cable diameter

2,04 inch

Pulldown sheave diameter

20,13 inch

Pulldown cable diameter

0,87 inch

Fast feed down speed

180 ft/min

Slow feed up speed

0 ft/min - 123 ft/min

Slow speed up regen speed

0 ft/min - 180 ft/min

Rotational torque up to 80 rpm

30 000 lb/ft

Rotational torque up to 160 rpm

15 000 lb/ft

0 to 90°, twin cylinder tip out top drive capacity

10 000 lbs
Power unit
Pipe skate
Rig floor
Epiroc DH350 oil and gas drilling rig
Epiroc draws on more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of hydraulic-powered surface drilling rigs. The DH350  oil and gas drill rig combines those years of experience into one of the most advanced hydraulic hoist drilling rigs available today.


Faster rig moves

The optimized load configuration and integrated hydraulics allow crane-free rig up in under 12 hours with as few as six (6) rig loads between drilling locations, allowing operators to minimize cycle time and improve long-term well economics. DH350 comes in multiple premium configurations including hands-free.

Safer operations

The crownless telescopic mast featuring 54” Nylatron sheaves provides 350,000 lb. of pullback, 50,000 lb. of pulldown force through the robust tip-out hydraulic top drive. The twin spur gear powerhead offers variable speed electric over hydraulic control with a maximum 30,000 ft-lb of rotary torque, and the ability to handle single joints of Range III drill collars up to 8” inches in diameter.

Reduced flat time

The new single-piece substructure is a slingshot-style unit with integrated hydraulics to provide the fewest number of connections ever required for full rig up. The API monogrammed substructure offers a 27-1/2” split master bushing with a maximum table opening of 44”, which easily accommodates large diameter tools.

DH350 rig up

3D animation of DH350 oil and gas drilling rig.


DH350: Load Path

3D animation of DH350 oil and gas drilling rig.