Powerful production drill

The Simba 1354 provides a high penetration rate in medium-size drifts. In-the-hole hammers and rock drills designed for variable drilling patterns are easy to adapt this rig to your needs. Stinger up-and-down stabilizes the feed for accurate collaring and drilling. To increase uptime and vehicle life, the rig is designed with easy access to service points for efficient daily checks and maintenance. When you need a hard-working, high-precision rig for long-hole drilling, you can rely on the Simba 1354.
Technical data

Coverage, max. width

0 mm

Coverage, max. height

0 mm

Rod handling system (RHS)


Hole length

0 m

Diesel engine

0 kW


  • Simba 1354 technical specification
Simba 1354, freecut, left side view