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Tool for every application

Dimensions, material properties and tip geometry of ClassicLine working tools have a major impact on reliability, wear behaviour, performance and productivity. In addition, a wide portfolio of tip shapes allows you choose the optimal tool for each application.

ClassicLine is made of a special alloy that has been optimized for hydraulic breaker applications. An advanced heat treatment process and a strict quality control result in maximum durability of all working tools.

Alloy with high purity

Epiroc working tools are manufactured from a special alloy with a very high grade of purity. High purity minimizes the risk of tool breakage by reducing weak spots, which could cause cracks. Especially in the cases where the impurities are on/near the surface, the tool is highly prone to fracture.


High purity helps to achieve a deeper hardening of the shell, without altering the technical specification of the material and at the same time, while maintaining the core of the tool soft. Therefore, our tools efficiently withstand the bending stresses and last much longer, because the hardened surface (which gets removed by wearing) is much deeper than in a non-genuine working tool.

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