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Epiroc introduces first 10-ton hydraulic breaker to Croatia

Epiroc announces the delivery of the inaugural HB 10000 hydraulic breaker to Croatia. This groundbreaking addition marks a significant milestone in Croatian quarry operations, as Beton Tomišić in Gradišće becomes the recipient of the largest serial produced hydraulic breaker in the country.
The HB 10000, weighing in at 10 tons, represents a revolutionary advancement in primary breaking technology with a single impact blow energy of 16,000 joules, which can be released at a rate of up to 380 blows a minute. Positioned to enhance operations within Beton Tomišić's limestone quarry, this powerhouse hydraulic breaker promises unparalleled efficiency and safety in bench profiling processes following drilling and blasting.
Nikola Likic

"The new HB 10000 will be instrumental in optimizing our client's operations, ensuring a safe and high-quality quarrying process."

Nikola Likic ,Business Manager Hydraulic Attachments and Indirect Sales at Epiroc
Notably, Beton Tomišić's quarry boasts a diverse array of hydraulic breakers, including the HB 7000 from Atlas Copco (today Epiroc) and 20+ years old legacy models from Krupp (today Epiroc), demonstrating the enduring reliability and adaptability of hydraulic breaking solutions across generations.
Igor Tomišić

"The productivity and reliability of our Atlas Copco HB 7000 have been exceptional, making the decision to transition to the Epiroc HB 10000 a logical progression for our operations. The support of Epiroc´s business partner in Croatia, Matkovic94, is a great addition to the good direct relationship that we have with Epiroc."

Igor Tomišić ,CEO, of Beton Tomišić
Transitioning from limestone to dolomite extraction, Beton Tomišić's evolving quarry demands robust equipment capable of withstanding varying material strengths. “Uniaxial compressive strengths of 120 up to 220 MPa in Dolomite are a challenge that the HB 10000 can cope with,” adds Igor Tomišić. 
10 ton hydraulic breaker

Hydraulic breaker HB 10000

The HB 10000, equipped with DustProtector II and ContiLube ™ II systems as standard, ensures optimal performance and longevity in challenging operating environments.


Moreover, Epiroc's Intelligent Protection System (IPS) offers intelligent safeguards, preventing blank firing and enhancing operational efficiency through automated control mechanisms.


Nikola Likic expresses pride in Epiroc's comprehensive presence in Croatia, stating, "The introduction of the HB 10000 completes our hydraulic breaker lineup, reaffirming Epiroc's commitment to driving innovation and productivity in Croatia and beyond."

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