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Erik Svedlund, Head of Marketing

"Mining is necessary for making the shift from fossil to renewable energy. We need metals and minerals from the ground to build solar cells and wind power and store energy. We can't ignore that. And why not clean where it's dirty?"

Erik Svedlund, Head of Marketing at Rocvolt Business Development. Erik Svedlund is committed to contributing to the shift from fossil to climate-neutral energy. Erik walks the talk and counts his CO2 not only in his private life but also at work and states that the mining industry is necessary for shifting from fossil to renewable energy.


Erik started working for Epiroc (Atlas Copco) in 2003 and has held different positions within the company. Before his current role, he was the Product Manager for battery machines in the Underground division. He is now the Head of Marketing for Rocvolt Business Development. Rocvolt is a new department focusing on Epiroc's Zero Emission technology.

Walk the talk

Erik is not only an engineer interested in battery technology. He is also a true environmentalist who walks the talk. In his private life, he and his family set a goal to become fossil-free and energy neutral in one year. And they achieved this through solar cells on the house providing energy for the house and their two battery-driven cars, they stopped flying completely and have reduced eating meat. An impressive change that he claims has not meant any sacrifices, but it took some planning and investing to achieve.

What about business travels?

"Epiroc, of course, negatively impacts the environment with our many business travels around the world. But if I, through meetings with customers, can introduce just one machine one year earlier to a customer, then I have compensated for my whole life!" Says Erik Svedlund. He adds that we hopefully all have learned from the pandemic to meet digitally and probably will not need to travel as much and still do business. But the statement is clear, it is through his work he does the biggest favor for the environment.