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Scooptram ST1030

Transport loop optimization

A project based service that targets improvements in efficiency with an existing fleet, or to achieve the same targets with less number of vehicles.


Major reduction of cost per ton

thanks to a higher productivity

Increased vehicle productivity

due to a more effective use of the fleet

Higher process efficiency

when improvements in fleet utilization and better planning has been made

Higher margins with optimized transportation loop

Technology, automation features and functions can not be implemented in one step. What option is applicable at particular application is a subject for decision.


Epiroc’s Transport loop optimization is a project based service that delivers better transport process efficiency and enables either higher productivity with existing fleet or achieving the current targets with less number of vehicles.

Transport loop optimization - a part of 6th Sense Optimize

Optimization enables processes to be executed, and equipment to be operated with full potential through improved efficiency and higher utilization.


6th Sense Optimize is a product family, offering services and product packages that support process optimization. Read more about 6th Sense.