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Boltec M10 SG with pumpable resin option in underground mine, front right view
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Invest in safety for everyone in the mine with Boltec M10 S and E10 S

The new Boltec rock bolting rigs come in two versions, M10 S and E10 S, designed to give increased productivity and bolt installation quality thanks to intelligent options and compatibility with different bolt types. Thanks to a new operator control panel, reduced noise levels and better visibility, operator ergonomics are also improved.

Increased productivity and bolt installation quality

Thanks to the Boltec rigs' compatibility with different bolt types and intelligent options like the pumpable resin system, these rigs will improve your mining operation's productivity and bolt installation quality which also means increased safety. Self Drilling Anchor (SDA) bolts in combination with pumpable resin also then enables the Single Bolt Auto feature, further increasing repeatability and assuring excellent bolt installation quality as well as saving time.

Improved operator ergonomics

The Boltec M10 S and E10 S are designed with operator ergonomics and comfort in focus. The ROPS and FOPS certified cabin comes with a number of improvements which create a better working environment for the operator. The noise level is at a record low 65 dB(A). This is possible due to that there are no hydraulics connected to the cabin, sound traps in AC vents and electric steering and brakes. The cabin also features P8B safety classed glass windows and HEPA filter for the AC.


Boltec M10 S and E10 S retain the flexibility of previous models with the ability to install several different bolt types such as hollow bar bolts, Self Drilling Anchor (SDA) bolts, swellex bolts, split-set bolts, Kiruna bolt and mechanical anchor bolts. The BUT45 based boom is robust and provides fast positioning and a wide range of positioning capabilites for both radial and face bolting.

Zero-emission driveline

Both models come with an optional battery-electric driveline which contributes to a better working environment for the operator with less noise and zero emissions. The battery-electric versions are indicated with SG in the model name, which stands for Smart and Green - Boltec M10 SG and Boltec E10 SG.


Boltec E10 with diesel driveline, freecut photo, front left view, wide angle