Epiroc Southern Asia's History

  • Close to 30 years Atlas Copco and Fluidcon Jaya have been operating in Indonesia. 

  • Key industries: mining, construction, waterwell, oil and gas, and other related industries 

  • December 2007: Atlas Copco acquired PT Fluidcon Jaya to boost its market penetration of Atlas Copco CMT products, and get a strong footprint across the 10-12 branches 

  • 2011: Company name changed to PT Atlas Copco Fluidcon 

  • November 2012: Company name changed finally to PT Atlas Copco Nusantara to reflect and honor the company’s Indonesian heritage 

  • From 2013: centralizing the site support facilities within 6 main branches 

  • Mid 2014: Official opening of the Remanufacturing centre in Balikpapan

  • Early 2017 Atlas Copco Group decided to have two world class company, Atlas Copco and Epiroc.

  • September 2017 PT Atlas Copco Nusantara became PT Epiroc Southern Asia. 

  • Today PT Epiroc Southern Asia delivers complete solutions to the mining, construction, mineral exploration, deephole, geothermal energy, and other business segments across the Archipelago. 

  • PT Epiroc Southern Asia sells not only Epiroc branded products but also Fluidcon products range. 

  • PT Epiroc Southern Asia supports the region including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, East Timor and Brunei Darussalam.

Indonesia Singapore Malaysia