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Office TeleREMOTE

Mines and quarries can be dangerous places. The Office TeleREMOTE allows the operator to be totally removed from the worksite – this drastically increases safety.


SmartROC rig operators can sit together in the office control center away from noise, danger and dust.


A standard Office TeleREMOTE can control a single SmartROC rig remotely. However, each server rack is scalable and its capacity can be ramped up to control a total of nine remote rigs via multiple associated Office TeleREMOTE desks.


This represents a massive increase in equipment utilization and return on investment for each rig.


Product description

Office TeleREMOTE from Epiroc removes the operator completely from the potentially dangerous mine environment. SmartROC rigs are controlled safely and efficiently from an office located on the same local area network (WLAN) as the quarry or mine. This dramatically improves the working conditions for the operator, boosts safety and ramps up efficiency. Office TeleREMOTE is a remote operator desk designed to control SmartROC DTH MK I rigs (based on the RCS 4 platform). It enables operators to work in an office on the same network as the work-site. Office TeleREMOTE has the potential to take your productivity to a whole new level.
Office TeleREMOTE