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Hydraulic breaker SB tunnel version

Take these harsh conditons with our underground hydraulic breakers.


The SB tunnel version is perfectly adopted for scaling, wall & roof profiling and other tough underground jobs.

Technical specifications

Carrier weight class ¹

9 t - 15 t

Service weight ²

557 kg

Working tool diameter

100 mm

Working length of tool

485 mm

Hydraulic input power, max

21 kW

Oil flow

85 l/min - 115 l/min

Operating pressure

100 bar - 110 bar

Impact rate

900 blows/min - 1 000 blows/min

Sound power level, guaranteed ³

126 dB(A)
  1. Weights apply to standard carriers only. Any variances must be agreed with Epiroc and/or the carrer manufacturer prior to attachment. 
  2. Attachment with standard working tool & average-sized adapter plate. 
  3. EN ISO 3744 in accordance with directive 2000/14/EC

Full details of measurement are available in the safety and operating instructions

More information

Solid body breaker SB 552 T

SB 552 Tunnel

Maintenance-free high-pressure accumulator with a patented diaphragm support delivers consistent performance and high reliability.
The special tool together with the front shield & dust cover minimizes dust intake.
The unique Solid Body concept eliminates common parts to enable high durability and a slim, compact, lightweight design.
Solid body breaker SB 552 T

Underground light breaker SB 552 T

Integrated nozzles for water spraying.
Exchangeable restrictors to adopt performance to the job requirements.
An exchangeable wear plate increases Solid Body lifetime.

All you need to know about SB 552 Tunnel

Application examples