Scooptram Automation Total control room

Scooptram Automation Total

The highest level of loader automation for a multiple fleet. Scooptram Automation Total gives a higher fleet performance through automated traffic control.


Safer work environment

by minimizing people's presence at risk areas

Higher fleet performance

through automated traffic control

Optimized Load-Haul-Dump cycle

with autonomous functions

Superior performance is now a reality

Scooptram Automation Total is a state-of-the-art technology that takes safety, productivity and cost effectiveness to another level and makes superior performance a reality. This results in a reliable, safe, high speed and flexible operation in dangerous and risk-filled mining environments. From a safe distance in a comfortable operator's station, an operator can easily control and monitor the vehicles progress throughout the mine. Scooptram Automation Total is the highest level in loader automation.

Multimachine loader automation

Enabled by the Traffic Management System, Scooptram Automation Total sets the new standard in safety and productivity by creating a common information environment that controls a multiple fleet of loaders.

Safe and ergonomic

With minimum presence for operators in exposed areas, operator safety increases highly. Certified safety barrier system enables the highest operation safety on the market for all personnel present in the mine. For the operator at the operator station ergonomic environment gives ideal and versatile working position. Graphical user interface designed for the operator makes the operation intuitive and easy to use.

6th Sense Transport

Scooptram Automation Total is part of Epiroc’s 6th Sense Transport offering. Epiroc’s 6th Sense sets out to optimize our customers' value chain by offering interoperability solutions that connect automation, system integration and information management to unlock the full potential of production gains at lower operating costs. 

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Scooptram Automation Total - The highest level of loader automation

Read more in the technical specification about different operator stations and multiple loader automation.