Flexible by design
The Diamondback’s modular design - a new concept in rig design - allows owners to reconfigure the Diamondback in response to market opportunities without special kits or makeshift fabrications, making it a truly versatile and multipurpose rig.
  • Using the latest weight optimization tools, we have reduced the weight while still maintaining the strength and rigidity you demand — creating a rugged design that can handle even the toughest challenges.
  • The driller’s console pivots for good visibility during any operation, even with the head slid to the right side for running casing.
  • The cyclone hydraulic tank uses a centrifugal design on the inlet of the tank to spin the incoming oil, removing harmful air infused in the oil faster than a conventional tank, thus requiring less oil. It also provides increased flow and pressure to the pumps, helping prevent possible cavitation.
  • The tower design allows us to open up the area around the drill table and provide a maximum working area around the drill string. The customizable table meets your drilling requirements by choosing a 10-3/4 in, 17 in, or 24 in table opening. The bolt-on centralizer bushing and outer bushing adapter adapt the table on the spot for a wide range of through-the-table options.
Diamondback DB40 waterwell drill in the mountains