Precise drill rig

The Simba 1254 is a hydraulic production drill rig made for limited tunnel sizes. The high penetration rock drills give you the power to increase your production, no matter the rock conditions. Dual stingers with an angle reading system make setup quick and easy, while increasing drilling stability and accuracy. Ergonomic control and accessible service points make it easier for operators to reach higher levels of production. When you need a high-precision, hard-working rig for long-hole drilling, you can rely on the Simba 1254.
Technical data

Coverage, max. width

0 mm

Coverage, max. height

0 mm

Hole diameter

64 mm - 89 mm

Rod handling system (RHS)


Hole length

0 m

Rock drill

COP 1838+

Diesel engine

912 kW


  • Simba 1254 technical specification
Simba 1254 with mobile control panel, freecut, front/left side view