Milwaukee, WI (Serving the Upper Midwest)

Welcome to Epiroc - Milwaukee

Serving Ohio and Illinois and the Upper Midwest Home of the Water Well Center of Excellence, you can find what you need for the vital work you do in water well and geotechnical drilling right here at the Epiroc - Milwaukee store in Milwaukee, WI. We're also the Epiroc USA Water Well Center of Excellence and the Epiroc down-the-hole center for all of North America. You can rent, buy, service or customize carrier-mounted drill rigs like the highly popular TH60, T2W and big T4W here. No matter what region of the U.S. or Canada you hail from, this is where your large-diameter drills and cluster drills are sent for repair and re-sharpening. Don't forget we are also the full-service store serving the needs of water well drillers, quarry clients and construction contractors throughout the Upper Midwest.

Milwaukee, WI (Serving the Upper Midwest)

11825 West Carmen Ave
WI 53225 United States

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