Technical specifications

Max. rock hardness


Carrier weight class

20 t - 35 t

Service weight

2 000 kg

Oil flow, max

320 l/min

Max. operating pressure

350 bar

Rotational speed

60 rpm - 110 rpm

Nominal working pressure

120 bar

Pick speed

2,1 m/s - 3,6 m/s

Number of picks

44 pc

Max. cutting force

52,2 t

Max. torque @ 350 bar

17,5 kNm

Drum Cutter takes the turn

Drum cutters in profiling, demolition, trenching and rock excavation jobs. Low noise and vibration levels make drum cutters suitable for use on restricted jobsites and in sensitive urban areas. The drum cutting technology used, allows accurate removal of material in tunnels and trenches, and from any other kind of rock or concrete surface