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“PRO” tool for tough jobs

All the benefits from ClassicLine are enhanced in ProLine to achieve high productivity under the most demanding conditions.


An exceptional combination of raw material with high nickel content and a special hardening process empower the tools to resist high external forces and wear, particularly under hard and abrasive rock conditions.


Moreover, a specially designed tip helps to flush out dust from the impact area, enabling faster reposition of the tool and reduction of loose rock in the impact area. As a result, ProLine tools achieve excellent penetration and increased lifetime.

Wide variety

Epiroc offers a wide range of working tools. The right tool for the right application enables you to achieve high productivity and lower operational costs.


Our working tool quality starts from the selection of the best raw material available, followed by an advanced machining process and state-of-the-art heat treatment, allowing all working tools to have exactly the same properties.


This consistency allows us to predict performance and durability when an Epiroc working tool is replaced with a new one. Furthermore, our customers can be sure that once an Epiroc working tool passes through our strict quality control, there will be consistency within a particular batch.

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