WellDrill 3062 - Satisfaciendo la demanda para pozos

29 de junio de 2016

La tecnología moderna de perforación en superficie está impulsando la demanda creciente de pozos geotérmicos y de agua, y Säffle Brunnsborrning, especialista en perforación de pozos, se encuentra entre el número creciente de pequeños empresarios que está beneficiándose de esta tendencia.

WellDrill 3062 Säffle

Some 20 000 geothermal wells are drilled in Sweden each year and many more worldwide to meet the growing demand for low cost energy.

The rural provinces of Dalsland and Värmland are typical cases where many family homes rely on their own wells for energy as well as drinking water.

To perform this highly specialized task, private individuals and building contractors call in professionals like Säffle Brunnsborrning, one of the region’s leading geothermal and water well providers.

Säffle Brunnsborrning was founded in 1976. Managing Director Daniel Carlsson took over the leadership in 2010 and has gradually seen it grow, along with demand. Today, about 75% of the holes the company drills each year are for geothermal purposes and 25% are for water.

One of the key factors behind Säffle’s success is the equipment package it uses, supplied by Atlas Copco, and the company recently invested in its second equipment set – a WellDrill 3062CR drill rig and a new compressor, the DrillAir Y35.

"“This has doubled our capacity,” says Carlsson. “With our two sets we are now delivering up to 13 bore holes per week.”"

Daniel Carlsson, Managing Director, Säffle Brunnsborrning

Elección sencilla

WellDrill 3062 Säffle

Deciding what supplier to use was an easy choice, continues Carlsson.“Operational reliability is extremely important for our business, and I can honestly say I don’t even remember the last time we had an equipment failure,” he says.

“Furthermore, the equipment is easy to handle and move between jobs, and that’s important for our working environment.”

The company performs quick maintenance checks on the machines about once a week and also has a service agreement with Atlas Copco.

“Our customers include both private individuals, as well as building contractors with larger projects,” he says, “and satisfied customers is what leads to new assignments for us.”

Marcus Österberg, Atlas Copco’s representative in the nearby town of Jonsered, maintains almost daily contact with Carlsson and his crew. “Säffle Brunnsborrning is not just a loyal customer,” he says, “The company places high demands on us that we have to meet.”

Säffle also participated in a project to develop a new hammer specifically designed for geothermal and water well drilling and which was launched in March this year. “We wanted to offer a new generation of hammers for 35 bar that will run more smoothly and provide higher productivity,” says Johansson. “To do this we have slightly reduced the force of each blow and combined this with a higher frequency.”

El martillo cómodo

WellDrill 3062 Säffle operator

After weeks of testing, Säffle confirms that it the hammer meets expectations. “We could tell right off that it runs in a more comfortable way,” says driller Fredrik Johansson. “It makes things easier, particularly for the person standing at the machine. We have also noticed that it’s more economical when it comes to fuel, compared to the previous hammer we had.” During testing the new equipment in a water well project, the rig drilled down to a depth of 110 m which resulted in a water inflow of 40–50 liters per hour. “There was no point in drilling deeper,” says Carlsson. “All we have to do now is pressurize the well in order to increase inflow.” Another problem-free day and another well job, done well.

Epiroc operated under the name "Atlas Copco" until January 1, 2018.

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