Product description

PowerROC T25 E is a robust and reliable cab-less surface drill rig for construction and civil engineering, as well as small aggregate and limestone quarries. It is built with our proven technology for high efficiency, easy operation and low maintenance. The side control console enables you to monitor and control the rig easily during both drilling and tramming. The straightforward design ensures ease of operation and high availability. The minimized number of electrical components makes it easy to troubleshoot. All service points are within arm’s reach, which increases accessibility and simplifies maintenance. The PowerROC T25 E is equipped with the RD 14S LP rock drill, with high efficiency and low maintenance costs. The Epiroc C111 compressor delivers sufficient air which gives clean holes for faster drilling and better blasting quality. The light weight of PowerROC T25 E provides both high terrainability and energy savings. The rig is ergonomically designed to give operators great comfort as well as outstanding safety during both tramming and drilling.
Données techniques

Domaine d’application principal

Quarrying ; Civil engineering

Méthode de forage


Diamètre du trou

51 mm - 89 mm

Gamme de produits




Taille du marteau perforateur/marteau fond de trou

RD14 S

Profondeur de trou maximum

18,3 m


119 kW

Air capacity (FAD)

101 l/s


Product variations apply. See brochure for more information.
Dimensions de transport