Product description

Boyles C8C is the most powerful rig in the Boyles range and yet easy to operate. This rig has a new feed system that further improves the high productivity that has become a key characteristic of the Boyles rigs. Boyles C8C has a depth capacity of 1 830 m. The newly designed level-wind wireline winch rolls the wire evenly across the full width of the drum. The work environment around the rig has been carefully considered during development. All major components are located to allow easy access during maintenance. In order to control carbon emissions, the rig features a modern Tier III engine. The Boyles C8C rig is ideal for deep borehole depths, and despite its power, it is compact in design and easy to operate in the field. Designed for sturdiness and operation in harsh environments, the Boyles C8C rig just goes on and on without interruption, thus minimizing service requirements. Boyles C8C is designed with safety in mind, minimizing the risk of personal injury during operation.

Technical data

Area di applicazione principale

Surface exploration

Metodo di perforazione

Surface core drilling

Diametro di perforazione

B ; N ; H ; P

Capacità di perforazione profonda (vedere nota)

0 m - 2 776 m

Diametro interno mandrino

124 mm

Coppia max.

7 270 Nm

Tipo di avanzamento

Direct acting cylinder feed

Forza di avanzamento

59,6 kN

Forza di tiro

156 kN

Dimensione asta max.

235 mm

Potenza installata

179 kW

Sistema di controllo

Direct hydraulic

Opzione macchina


Attrezzatura optional principale

Hydraulic mud mixer ; Level wind


Drilling depth capacity refers to N-size. The drilling depth capacities only serve as guidelines and refer to vertical down drilling. Epiroc cannot guarantee that these results can be achieved in all drilling conditions. You find details about technical specifications in the brochure.
Transport dimensions (Drill rig)


Boyles C8C