Product description

SpeedROC D30 is a versatile and flexible drill rig, tailor-made for the dimension stone industry. It is capable of drilling straight, vertical and horizontal holes that enable wire cutting. Tramming, rotation and feed is powered by an on-board engine. Together with a well-matched, external compressor unit, they run the down-the-hole hammer. SpeedROC D30's special design makes it capable of drilling horizontal holes with minimum ground clearance from both right and left directions.
Dados técnicos

Área de aplicação principal

Dimension stone industry

Método de perfuração


Tamanho do martelo da perfuratriz/Fundo de Furo (DTH)

COP 20 ; COP 35

Diâmetro do furo

70 mm - 105 mm

Profundidade máxima do furo

9 m


26 kW



Air capacity (FAD)

117 l/s

@ pressure

13,8 bar


External compressor to be used.
Dimensões de transporte


SpeedROC D30 freecut