Product description

PowerROC T35 E is a powerful and reliable surface drill rig without cab, loaded with proven Epiroc technology for high productivity, easy maintenance and quality drilling. It is the strong choice for various types of construction work including for example housing foundation, road building, pipe line building and trenching. Our PowerROC T35 E is built with a reliable COP Logic control system and a sturdy, ergonomic design. With high ground clearance and shorter rear overhang, the rig is perfect in tough conditions. With good hose management and large side maintenance door, all service points are easily accessible.

Dados técnicos

Método de perfuração


Diâmetro do furo

64 mm - 102 mm

Família de produtos




Rock drill/DTH hammer size

COP 1840+

Profundidade máxima do furo

25 m


145 kW

Air capacity (FAD)

132 l/s
Dimensões de transporte


PowerROC T35 E