Explorac 235 Walkaround

Lennart Johansson, Global Product Manager for the Explorac range, guides you through the main benefits and features of the Explorac 235


Product description

The Explorac 235 meets all the challenges of exploration with reverse circulation. While designed specifically for reverse circulation drilling to depths of 300–400 meters, the rig can be easily adapted for water well drilling. The Explorac 235 is available for assembly on a truck or crawler chassis.

Технические характеристики

Основная область применения

Surface exploration

Метод бурения

Down-the-hole (Reversed Circulation)

Длина штанги

6 m

Глубина бурения (см. примечание)

0 m - 450 m

Макс. крутящий момент

14 000 Nm

Тип подачи

Cylinder with chain

Усилие подачи (ограничено)

75 kN

Тяговое усилие

220 kN


Cat C18 522 kW, Tier 3

Система управления

RCS with radio remote

Опциональное шасси

Fixed track ; Truck mounted

Главное опциональное оборудование

Tier 3 splitter ; Fixed cone splitter


The drill depth capacities only serve as guidelines and refer to vertical down drilling. Epiroc cannot guarantee that these results can be achieved in all drilling conditions. You find details about technical specifications in the brochure.
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