Flexible DTH hammers – boost drilling productivity within mining

“The unbreakable hammer” – The patented solid bit shank design eliminates the risk of shanking failure and losing the bit head in the bottom of the hole. The COP M-series has a range of hammers that will give you the lowest cost of ownership on the market thanks to the hammer’s modularity, allowing you to exchange worn parts and adapt to different air packages.

Traditional DTH hammers involve repeated consumable replacements and a large inventory. Shifting to a new hammer for each rig type or drilling condition is costly to mining companies. Epiroc now launches a new series of down-the-hole hammers: COP M6, COP M7 and COP M8.

The new COP M hammers will dramatically change profitability in DTH drilling thanks to their innovative flexibility. The series is easily adapted for use on different rigs and in different drilling conditions. Based on an upgraded technology concept, these hammers will allow mining companies to drill larger holes without the need for a larger rig. Each hammer in the new range can be used on a wide range of DTH drill rigs thanks to an ingenious conversion kit located inside the hammer.

“The new COP M series adds the flexibility of selecting the right tool for any given situation. It’s a revolutionary innovation in DTH drilling”
Fredrik Gransell

The new technology concept emphasis on replacing few internal components in order to have a perfect match to the application and the drill rig that is used. The new hammers comes with patented drill bits that has a solid shank which will improve the transfer of energy and withstand shanking, resulting in further increased productivity and reliability.

Together, the new products, COP M6, COP M7 and COP M8 – where M stands for mining and the number for the tool’s dimension – optimally cover drilling needs in the 6½”–10” dimension range. (See table below).

Table Bits COP M-series hammer

Unique features:
• The COP M-series hammer concept and bit design is patented.
• The hammers are adaptable to different air packages / unique hammer air cycle.
• The solid bit shank eliminates the need for an exhaust tube.

Customer benefits:
• The hammers provide highest rate of penetration based on an innovative technology. This will allow mining companies to perfectly tune the hammer pressure and air flow for the desired drill rig and circumstances with minor changes (fewer internal parts need to be changed).
• Long lasting internal parts lead to more wear resistance on the external parts = sustained performance by E-kitting.
• COP Mining hammers are easier to service as they consist of few components compared to traditional DTH hammers.
• Lower cost for service the E-kit, easy to install, saving time and money.
• Lower cost per meter operation, with a dramatic increase in product performance.

Product features:
• The solid bit shank design reduces the risk of shanking failure and losing the bit head in the bottom of the hole.
• Flushing air passes through the bit spline, not the center flushing hole, which leads to reduced friction in contact surface between the bit and the front chuck splines.
• The foot valve is removed from the bit and therefore eliminates the risk of weaker part failure in the bits.

For further information please contact:
Fredrik Gransell, Product Line Manager, DTH equipment
Phone: +46 (0)72 145 41 82, e-mail: fredrik.gransell[at]epiroc.com
or your local sales representative.


Want to learn how to disassemble and assemble? Watch the videos!


Secoroc COP M6 Assembly


  • Secoroc COP M6 – operator's instructions and spare parts list.pdf

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