COPROD is a unique, patented rock drilling system from Epiroc. It combines the high penetration rate and low diesel consumption of tophammer equipment with the hole straightness and hole quality of DTH drilling.

Thanks to the new design we have been able to reduce the pressure drop in the COPROD head, reducing the fuel consumption up to -30% per drilled meter. Introduction of powerbit design on the drillbit increases the penetration rate up to 40% in some formations. Best serviceability on the market, thanks to reduced length (-45%) and weight (-19%). This will reduce time for service and maintenance and give you less down time on the rig.

Epiroc introduces new COPROD technology developed for outstanding performance and service life. The first dimension to benefit from this is the 89 mm drill string. COPROD 89 mm includes a complete range of Powerbit drill bits, and a more effective head with fewer parts. For drillers, this means easier handling, better hole quality, increased penetration rates, lower fuel consumption and greatly improved productivity.

Unique features:
COPROD as a system is already unique, and Epiroc is the only provider of a drilling system for tophammer that separate the percussion and rotation from each other in one combined drill string. This will give the penetration rate of a tophammer application and the hole straightness of a DTH application, all in one product.

Customer benefits:
• With the next generation of COPROD 89, we have not only upgraded the COPROD head, but also introduced the Powerbit design on the COPROD bit assortment.
• Lower fuel consumption, higher penetration rate and easier bit selection is just some of the advantages with the next generation COPROD consumables.
• Longer service life has been proven in connection with extensive testing, and this together with easier bit changes provides additional added value to our customers.

Product features:
Lower fuel consumption:
- Due to the reduced pressure drop in the COPROD head, we see a reduction in fuel consumption (-30% per drilled meter). The next generation COPROD head that comes with the Powerbit design is supporting the total drilling cost of running the rig in an efficient way.
Higher penetration rate:
- The Powerbit design, together with a more efficient energy transfer through the COPROD head has shown penetration rate increase of up to 40% in some formations.
Lower weight and easier bit replacement:
- The new COPROD head is shorter (-45%) and lighter (-19%) compared to the previous head. This will make service and maintenance easier, and together with an improved bit change process, the new COPROD head will add value in terms of less down time on the rig.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of our unique COPROD system, and what our latest product development could bring to you in terms of values, don’t hesitate to contact me or your local sales representative.

Johan Thenor, Product Line Manager, Tophammer and Handheld equipment
Phone: +46 (0)70 205 11 12, e-mail: johan.thenor[at]epiroc.com