Powerbit Underground – drilling performance on a new level

We are launching Powerbit Underground in September 2019, a new underground drill bit range that will enable customers to benefit from drilling performance on a completely new level.

Powerbit Underground builds on the same qualities as its surface drilling cousin, launched by us in 2016, which has earned respect among surface mining companies for its long service life, high penetration rate and favorable cost per drilled meter. Powerbit Underground responds strongly to market demand for a drill bit that matches the development of the rigs and rock drills, enabling continuous increasing drilling speeds.

“At the end of the day, it’s about pushing the rig hard and we are sure customers will be happy to see what Powerbit Underground can deliver”.
Johan Thenór

Whether customers are using older or newer rigs, they will see an increased penetration rate and a longer service life using the new bit. This will increase their productivity, and most importantly, reduce the cost per meter drilled.

A key factor in Powerbit Underground’s outstanding productivity is its optimized flushing capacity. The hole configuration maximizes flushing efficiency, which is key to achieving a high penetration rate.

Powerbit also comes with other innovative technologies, which add up to give to the bit the leading position in the underground drilling market today. We have used our hardest steel ever and configured the bit’s face to remove the cuttings as fast as possible – so that drillers can make the most out of their rig and reach a whole new level of penetration capability.

At Bauma 2019, customers will also make their first acquaintance with Trubbnos, Epiroc's new and innovative trapezoid-shaped button concept for underground bits.

“Since the bit’s performance is crucial to the rig’s capability to penetrate rock fast, customers can look forward to a new product range that will impact drilling efficiency strongly”.
Johan Thenór.

First release of Powerbit Underground will be in dimension 45 mm – on display at Bauma 2019. Next out are the 48 mm and 51 mm versions, after which the range is gradually extended with more dimensions.

Unique features:
• New steel grade to provide a harder and more wear resistance bit body.
• Trubbnos patented button shape together with improved flushing capacity. This will ensure both higher penetration rate and longer service life, which in turn will bring down the cost per meter drilled and increase productivity.

Customer benefits:
• Longer service life due to new material technology.
• Increased productivity due to improved penetration rate.
• Easy bit selection due to standardization.

Product features:
• Trubbnos button technology will not only give you more meters between the regrinds, but also improved penetration rate. This is due to both material technology, and design. An unique software has been developed to simulate drilling conditions versus bit design to maximize all parameters.
• A harder and more wear resistant steel body has been developed, having challenging drilling conditions in mind. Special material and state of the art heat treatment is used to bring the Powerbit body up to it´s level.
• For maximum drilling speed, it´s crucial to remove the crushed rock (cuttings) in front of the bit as efficient as possible. Positions, numbers and size of flushing holes, together with the designed cutting groves will guarantee best possible penetration rate.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of Powerbit Underground, and what our latest product development could bring to you in terms of values, don’t hesitate to contact me or your local sales representative.

Johan Thenor, Product Line Manager, Tophammer and Handheld equipment
Phone: +46 (0)70 205 11 12, e-mail: johan.thenor[at]epiroc.com