Product description

FlexiROC D50 is an equally versatile and efficient down-the-hole drill rig that keeps your production up and your costs down. Thanks to its flexibility and overall drilling capacity, it’s just as perfect for quarry blast hole drilling as for mining operations. The precise DTH drilling empowered by our unique cylinder feeding improves blasting, and running at lower rpm means longer engine life, less fuel consumption and low lifetime cost. The reliable design keeps the rig where it belongs: in the quarry.

Technical data

Основная область применения

Mining ; Quarrying

Метод бурения


Диаметр скважины

90 mm - 130 mm

Семейство продукции




Rock drill/DTH hammer size

4" ; 5"

Rotary head

DHR6 H 45 ; DHR6 H 56

Максимальная глубина скважины

45 m


287 kW

Air capacity (FAD)

295 l/s


Note: Product variations apply. See brochure for more information
Transport dimensions


FlexiROC D50 FlexiROC D55


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