Product description

SpeedROC 1F is a high quality, high capacity hydraulic tophammer drill rig for the dimension stone industry. This compact, four-wheel drive rig, is tailor-made for marble, granite and sandstone quarries. It is capable of drilling exceptionally straight, vertical as well as horizontal holes. Combining the rig’s stability with an anti-jamming system and guide rails, ensures holes are parallel to each other and perfectly aligned. Thanks to its high production capacity and low fuel consumption, the rig assures a very low total cost of ownership. The rig is equipped with a cable remote control as an option which allows safe operating conditions.

Технические характеристики

Основная область применения

Dimension stone industry

Метод бурения


Размер перфоратора/погружного пневмоударника


Диаметр скважины

33 mm - 52 mm

Максимальная глубина скважины

9 m


82 kW



Air capacity (FAD)

22 l/s

@ pressure

6 bar


Product variations apply. See brochure for more information.
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SpeedROC 1F freecut photo