Raiseboring tools

Our raiseboring tools are designed for each individual raiseboring machine.

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Industry leader

We are the industry leader in raiseboring rock drilling tools with a rich history of providing products to drill raises in rock up to 8 meter diameters.

In innovation

Epiroc is constantly improving the product offering to fit the customer’s requirements. Epiroc means innovation and we have the tests and concepts to underscore this claim and reduce your drilling cost compared to the competition.

Sole OEM

Epiroc is the sole OEM of the entire raisebore system – drill rigs and rock drilling tools (drill string, reamers, cutters and pilot bits).

Drill pipe products – Designed for all your raiseboring applications

Cutters – The flexibility you need to complete the job

Pilot drill bits – No matter what rock conditions you're working in, we have the bits to meet the challenge

Reamers and stems