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Boltec Auto Bolt Reload, carrier magazine with rock bolts
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The Boltec ABR (Auto Bolt Reload) is designed to increase productivity and bolt installation quality while significantly improving operator safety. With the ABR function there is no need for the operator to exit the cabin and manually reload the feed carousel. The feed carousel is automatically reloaded from the bolt magazine located on the side of the machine, all while the operator stays safe inside the ROPS and FOPS certified cabin.

The Boltec ABR is available on either the Boltec M10 or E10 sized carrier, with battery-electric or diesel driveline.

Key features of Boltec ABR

The Boltec Auto Bolt Reload system is the culmination of several years of product development that had the aim to alleviate the bottle neck that rock reinforcement had become. The marriage of bolt type, injection resin, mechanized bolt reloading and smart software control has resulted in a solution that promises to become a game changer in the mining industry.

SDA and pumpable resin

Self Drilling Anchors and pumpable resin is the key combination for rock reinforcement considering installation speed and installation quality regardless of the ground conditions. Other traditional bolt types are often sensitive to such things as broken ground, changing hole diameter, operator input error, misalignment and other things that may slow down or compromise the bolt installation process. SDA and pumpable resin is the door opener for future automation.

The reloading process

When an operator has emptied the eight bolt capacity feed magazine of bolts, the bolting feed is rotated and positioned into the reloading location. A separate transfer boom automatically moves four bolts at a time from the carrier magazine to the feed magazine, thereby completing the auto bolt reload sequence. When the 44 bolt capacity carrier magazine is emptied, it is folded down to ground level for reloading by the operator. The reloading position remains behind the front wheels, always keeping the operator working under already supported ground.

Autonomous functionality

Boltec ABR with SDA and pumpable resin allows several autonomous functionalities that previously were not possible for conventional rock bolting rigs. Single bolt auto, multi bolt auto and teleremote control are features that can help to increase productivity, and reduce the requirement for an operator to be physically in the machine.


Boltec Auto Bolt Reload in underground mine, bolts in carrier magazine