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A FlexiROC T15 R is radio remote controlled in an urban development application

Small drill rig with large output

In one year, Dala Spräng och Grävteknik doubled their turnover of explosives. This was all thanks to one of the smallest hydraulic drill rigs on the market, which enabled the Borlänge, Sweden-based company to accept blasting jobs that they previously could only dream of.


After getting a tip from an industry colleague, blasting foreman Viktor Eriksson decided to test one of the industry's smallest drill rigs with their hope of streamlining the work. One year later, it has proven to be a brilliant idea.


"Because the machine is a bit more efficient than the competitors, we can handle several different types of jobs. This enables us to take on a larger variety of jobs," says Viktor Eriksson. 


The family-run company Dala Spräng och Grävteknik has 15 employees. Their jobs range from excavation and draining to blasting. Since the company bought the Epiroc FlexiROC T15 R drill rig a year ago, earnings from the blasting department have doubled.


"Our blasting work has grown a lot within the past year, from small and medium-sized jobs to pretty big jobs of up to 5000 cubic meters (approximately 6540 cubic yards) of rock. We would never have been able to do this with our previous drilling machine." says Viktor Eriksson. 

At the Brotorpsskolan school in Lindesberg, Sweden, intensive work is underway to make room for an expansion. The terrain is challenging, there is limited space for maneuvering, and the close proximity to the school makes precision a must. Viktor Eriksson handles parts of the blasting work, which is running smoothly thanks to the small, flexible drill rig. 

"By using our machine to support the overall work, we have been able to increase the production rate between blastings. Despite its small size, the machine can drill deeper and harder in the same amount of time as before. So, it also improves the bottom line."

Viktor Eriksson ,Blasting foreman at Dala Spräng och Grävteknik

The little drill rig is particularly popular with smaller companies like Dala Gräv och Sprängteknik. According to Epiroc Master Driller Stefan Löfdahl, its flexibility is one important reason behind its success.


"A lot of customers are using this for smaller jobs, like landscaping work and digging pools. It also works well when you need to get into tight spaces. Another plus is that it sits on wheels so it doesn't cause as much destruction." 


Dala Spräng och Grävteknik also opted for a service agreement with Epiroc – all to maintain their production rate. This not only gives them ongoing service, but Service Technician Fredrik Norlinder is just a phone call away if anything were to break down.

"I took part and started up their machine. It's worked well from day one. We have a personal contact. They call me directly and I then go out and perform service or repair work – whatever is needed. Through the agreement, we also monitor the status of the machine," says Fredrik Norlinder.


"A phone call is often enough to get things worked out pretty quickly," says Viktor Eriksson.


Downtime can be very costly, and the job of getting the machine up and running as soon as possible can be crucial. Thanks to the well-oiled partnership, the machine has only stood still just a few days in the past year.


"Because the production rates are so much higher now, the stops are not as noticeable. But, it's still great to not have to worry so much about service and just keep working," says Viktor Eriksson. 

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